Olympic Thinking

With the London Olympics upon us today’s post will focus in on the exceptional thinking of the elite athletes that will light up the event and what you can learn from them in your own lives.

1)      Think Big

Limited thinking leads to limited results.  To reach the top in any field and/or be the best you can be you need to think big.

Set your goals high and then go about trying to achieve them.

2)      Challenge Yourself

Physical, personal and mental growth comes from us challenging ourselves and looking beyond our current comfort zones.

3)      Get in the Zone

We’ve spoken about the importance of narrow focus here before and athletes epitomise this.  They develop the ability over years of training and competing to have total focus on their sport and associated goals to improve their performance.  We can all do the same in our own lives.

4)      Work Hard

Great athletes are undoubtedly born with great genetics but they still have to work incredibly hard to make the best of what they have.  What separates the elite is often an extra hard (and smart) work ethic.

5)      Work Smart

Great athletes also work smart.  They don’t waste their time on things that don’t help their performance.  Do you think Usain Bolt runs miles to help his sprinting?  No, he runs sprints to help his sprints and does a host of strength and plyometric work to make him stronger and more explosive out of the blocks.

Make sure you’re working on the right things to help you achieve your own goals and not getting in your own way.

6)      Know When to Rest

As important as all the hard work is, athletes also need and plan for their downtime.  Rest and recuperation is the other side of the hard work coin and equally as important.  You can’t sprint all the way!

 7)      Celebrate

Not everyone can win gold but it is important to celebrate our successes and achievements in life however small or large.  Reach for a peak then enjoy the view and clear, crisp air for a while before ascending to the next peak.


 Enjoy your Olympic weekends!