Narrow Focus

To get anything worthwhile done we have to be able to focus our efforts on the task at hand.  In a world full of seemingly endless distractions this can be a challenge.  So how do we narrow our focus?

1)      Prioritise

Place importance on whatever it is you are doing or want to do.

This could be paying that bill you should have already dealt with or something much more pleasant such as finally booking that piano lesson you have promised yourself for a year.

Prioritising may also mean you have to de-prioritise or say no to other commitments.  If that’s what it takes so be it and don’t be afraid to be ruthless here (filling your life with the essential and removing the unessential is not a bad goal!)

Unless you place importance on it, it may never happen.

2)      Set Aside Time

Make time for whatever it is you want to focus on.  This could be as formal as writing an appointment with yourself down in your diary/calendar or just setting aside the time in isolation to focus.

3)      Remove Distractions

As best you can remove all external distractions.

Depending on what you are focused on this can involve a variety of tactics including switching your mobile to silent, unplugging your internet connection, shutting a door, taking a walk on your own etc.

Obviously, the more you can tune into and focus on the task at hand the better and more efficiently you should be able to deal with it.  Easily said but not always easily done (especially for those that have young families) but if you follow points 1 and 2 and use some creative thinking there will be a way to make this happen.

4)      Single-Task

Forget trying to do 10 things at once, you’ll dilute your effort and it will not work.  Focus purely and simply on the task at hand.

Multi-tasking is an oxymoron and does not work!

5)      Tune Out and then Tune In

Aligned with points 3 and 4, as you remove (and tune out to) distractions, tune into (focus) on the task at hand.  Make this a smooth transition.  Train and ingrain this as habit.

6)      Savour the Moment

Once you have settled into the task at hand enjoy the feeling of being focused simply on what is in front of you.  Revel in your ability to narrow your focus and get things done and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that may (and should) come with it.


These points are just scratching the surface but I hope they help you with your own ability to focus.