Information Overload No More

Do you have that nagging feeling that you’re never quite up to speed with what’s going on in your world?  With information flying at us from all directions it’s easy to start to feel overloaded.  So what to do…

1)      Prioritise

What is really important to you?  What do you need to know (to support your goals or work) and what do you like to know (to keep informed, for fun, to support hobbies)? 

These are your priorities and should remain so.  Aim to avoid or at least reduce anything that doesn’t support these priorities.

2)      Take Control

You decide what information comes in.  You’re your very own gatekeeper so make sure anything that gets past you deserves to.

3)      Manage Your In Boxes

Simplify and restrict how information comes to you and how often you check incoming information (email, phone messages, social media etc). 

4)      You Can’t Know It All

Simply put, you can’t know everything about everything.  Focus on what information is important to you.

5)      Take a Media Fast

Restrict your overall media time.  Commit to limiting and being selective with what media you take in (internet, TV, magazines, newspapers etc).  Trim your sources down to those that are most useful, that you enjoy most or that support your goals.

6)      Shut Off Occasionally

Take a walk, take a lie down, take some time to sit quietly doing nothing.  Do whatever it takes to just be for a little while to disconnect and reset.

7)      Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

When in doubt simplify. 

Manage your information rather than letting it manage you.