Living Slow in a Fast Paced World

The world around us seems to move at a staggering rate and it’s easy for us to get caught up in trying to keep pace.  Perhaps there’s a better way.  The points below can help us live slow in a fast paced world.

1) Be Careful What You Say Yes To

Manage your incoming commitments carefully.  Only commit to those things you want to or have to and don’t feel bad about saying no to those things you don’t want to commit to. Commit to committing to less.

2) Create Space

Intentionally create some space in your diary.  You don’t need to fill each and every day up with multiple tasks/commitments.  Breathe a little.

3) Go 80/20

We’ll come back to Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 principle in more detail in future but in the context of this post concentrate on the 20% (it might be more or less) of things in your life that really matter to you and ensure most of your effort goes towards them.  Let go of the things that are superfluous as much as possible.

4) Make Time for Living Slow

Make making time for yourself a priority.  This could be time for a hobby, time to read or time to just be and collect your thoughts.  Whatever it is, make it a priority and make it happen.

5) Walk

Walking has many benefits and amongst them can be an almost rejuvenating and clearing effect of the mind helping us to see things more clearly.  Find somewhere nice to walk to take in the air and sights around you and get back in touch with your own rhythm of life (rather than letting the outside world dictate it).

6) Play

Along with walking, play has a rejuvenating effect on us.  Play for you could be a game of tennis or throwing a ball for your dog or creating a piece of artwork with your two year old.  Whatever it is, make time for it. Play is after all for adults as well as children!

7) Rest

Take your rest seriously.  Make sure you get enough sleep on a daily basis and make sure you feel both well rested and energised as much as possible.  On a larger scale, make room for those holidays you’ve promised yourself and/or those weekends away.  You can’t sprint all the way!

I hope today is a slow living day for you.  The world can be a wonderful place when you have time to take it in.