7 Tips to Cultivate Lazy Productiveness

I hope these quick fire tips work out for you in your own quests to get more important (and enjoyable) things done in your life.

1)      Don’t Rush

Being productive isn’t (or shouldn’t be) synonymous with rushing around haphazardly.  The calm and focused often get most done with minimal fuss.  Be one of them.

2)      Focus on the Big Rocks

Focus in on the end goal and big actions/tasks/ideas (rocks) that will get you there.  The smaller stuff will often take care of itself along the way.

3)      Create a (Not) To Do List

No doubt you have a To Do list either written down or in your mind but how much of it do you really have to or want to do?

Trim the fat and knock off anything that doesn’t need to be done and you’ll have less to do!

4)      Single-Task

Being productive doesn’t mean doing lots of things all at once.  It means getting things finished, often one at a time so you can move onto the next task or goal.  Put enough completed tasks/goals together and you’ll soon be very productive.

5)      Cultivate a Little Selective Ignorance

This can mean anything from saying no to meetings (unless they have clearly defined goals/target outputs – most are a waste of time) to switching off your email/phone for parts of the day to focus on something specific.

Clear distractions.

6)      Create Space

See an empty inbox as a daily goal; enjoy the freedom of a clutter free diary clear of anything but a few important and key appointments.

Revel in the space and enjoy the freedom to move and focus on your priorities.

7)      Be a Productive Renegade

Being more productive than people around you often means adopting different ways of doing things.  Dare to be different and challenge more conventional methods if they don’t work for you.  A road less travelled can be an exciting place to be and a quicker way to get somewhere.