Simple Email – 6 Secret Strategies

These email strategies are so underused that you would swear they were still a secret!

1)    Target Your Mails

The more targeted and concise your emails are going out the more targeted and concise (and useful for the most part) the replies will be.  This leads to a clearer inbox, a clearer mind and less email stress.

2)    Less Is More (Freedom)

Less emails sent mean less emails in.  Freeing you up to do more useful work.

3)    More Is Less (Effective Work)

A bursting at the brim inbox is not a badge of honour or an indication of how effective and efficient you are (in fact it’s quite often the opposite). 

4)    Frequency

Check your email less often 

5)    Get It To Zero

Everyone should be able to get their inbox cleared to zero on a daily basis (and I mean everyone – more on this in an upcoming post)

6)    Get Rid of Alerts

Switch your email alerts off.  Unless of course you want to be constantly distracted from the task at hand (distraction attraction).  If it’s urgent they’ll call you. 


Just one final thought on this, not many people are paid to process emails so why do so many spend half their day in their in box?