8 Easy Steps to a Better Today (and Tomorrow)

We all have a lot going on in our lives so we want to feel at our best.  The steps below should all help with getting the most out of today and tomorrow.

1)      Spend Time With Those You Care About

Try to spend the majority of your time with people that matter to you and people that inspire you and/or share your world view and aspirations.   

2)      Do Something You Love

Treat your hobbies, interests and goals seriously and make time for them amongst life’s other commitments on a daily basis.

3)      Limit Negativity

Don’t even entertain it or people who are predominantly negative.   

4)      Eat Well

You wouldn’t fill your car with junk and expect to get far so why would you expect your body to be any different?!

Make an effort to ensure that at least 80% of what you eat is high quality fuel (but also enjoy the odd splurge!)

5)      Exercise

People who exercise regularly function better and can often deal with life stressors better.  A long walk, some sprints, a visit to the gym for a weights session, it all counts.  Just get it done on a regular basis and mix it up.

6)      Beat the Crowd

Rising early not only means you get to welcome in the start of a new day, it also means you beat the crowd and you can accomplish much before the rest of the world has even started. 

7)      Rest

Don’t underestimate the importance of resting.  You can’t sprint all the way!

8)      Give Back

The things that give us the rosiest feelings or that we’re most proud of often involve giving or providing a service to someone else.  Make giving back a constant goal.