How to Think Like a Samurai

As legendary as the Japanese Samurai’s combat and weapon skills were perhaps their most impressive strength was their mind.  Zen meditation techniques gave them a mental resolve enemies found hard to equal.

As well as meditation, the Samurai mastered techniques that allowed them to totally focus on the now. They would eliminate future thinking and be absorbed in the present (which they had some degree of control over).  They sought to clear all distractions.

So how can we apply these techniques to our own 21st century lives?

1)     Clear Distractions

Focus on the important and forget the smaller stuff as much as possible.  Clear the noise.

2)    Focus on the Now

Most of us spend too much of our time and energy regretting past mistakes or striving for future accomplishments rather than living and doing our best in the present.

3)    Be the Best You Can Be

Strive to be the best you can be and forget comparisons with others.  Your best benchmark is often you and as long as you’re growing, evolving and learning from past mistakes you’re on the right path.  Become a master of yourself.


This post was adapted from an earlier post which you can find here.