How You Can Be More Productive Today

If you don’t plan your day, someone else will definitely plan it for you. That’s why it’s good to get in first.

Planning your day for productivity can be as simple as these 5 little steps:

1)    Decide What you Want or Need to Get Done

Limit this to 1 to 3 main tasks only.  This may not sound much but add these up over the week and month and you’ll be flying and a long way ahead of many around you!  

2)    Assign Time to Each Task  

Block out the time as if it’s a formal commitment (which it is) in your diary, online calendar or on a simple manual checklist.  Also, try to prioritise and front end the most difficult task to ensure it gets your attention and gets dealt with first.

3)    Minimise Distractions

Turn your phone to silent to avoid unexpected calls, don’t check email etc.  You can check all of these things after you’ve completed one or all of your tasks.  If you’re in an open environment (office) there are many tactics for ensuring others think twice before disturbing you and one simple one is to just keep your head down, avoid eye contact and look like you’re thinking hard.  Simple but often effective.

4)    Focus

Focus on the task at hand until it’s done and stick to your task time limits as much as possible.  Avoid any self imposed distractions such as surfing the internet or starting something else that’s not on today’s list. 

5)    Rinse and Repeat Tomorrow


It’s that simple to set yourself up for a productive and successful day.