Bulletproof Yourself from Negative People

One of the most fundamental skills we need to learn in life is the ability to turn down the noise of negative thinking (internal) and negative people (external).  Mastering these skills will ensure we get out of our own way and then not much will be able to stop us.

This is how you can deal with negative people in 3 easy steps:

1)    Cultivate Selective Ignorance

This is your armour and first line of defence.  A little selective ignorance can go a long way when you’re dealing with others that are putting a negative spin on your ideas and generally spoiling your mojo.

How does selective ignorance help?  It means you don’t even notice the negativity aimed in your direction.

At first this might be difficult and you might need to fake not noticing or caring much for the unwanted negativity.  However, fake it well enough and you just might be left alone and the negative voice may stop. 

Practice this tactic enough and you’ll perfect it and really get to the point where you don’t let the negativity impact you at all.  At which point you won’t need to fake it anymore and the negative voice will reduce to a murmur.  Either way, you win!   

2)    Smile

The second tactic can disarm your negative assailant.  Smile, thank them for their input and then be on your way.  This isn’t confrontational but it does completely diffuse what has the potential to be a difficult situation.  It’s also a very polite way of saying ‘I couldn’t care less what you think really and your negativity isn’t welcome here’.

3)    Let Your Passion Shine Bright

Let your passion for your idea/cause burn so bright that it refuses to be hindered by critics or negativity.   If you get this right even the most negative of people may find it hard to be negative in your presence.  They themselves might get caught up in your enthusiasm and become converted to a better way. 

We all encounter negative people in our lives but how we deal with them defines whether or not they have any effect on us.  My advice is to put the blinkers on and march on regardless.