Conventional Thinking That Needs Rethinking 

Conventional wisdom doesn’t always translate into real world wisdom.  The following list is just a start on scratching the surface of some conventional thinking that might need rethinking:

1) Common sense isn’t all that common!

2) Multi-tasking is a great way to do lots of things sub-optimally.  To do great work you need to focus on one thing at a time!

3) 80% of what you do might not matter much!

4) Less quite often is more!   

5) Meetings are mostly a waste of time.  Do your best to avoid them (especially those without agendas!)

6) Not many of us get paid to produce emails so why do so many of us spend most of our working day in our in boxes?!

7) More hours do not necessarily mean more productivity and quite often mean the opposite

8) Being busy and being effective is not always the same thing

9) I don’t have time” is a great excuse for those that can’t prioritise the priorities and make time for what’s really important in life (family, friends, loved ones, ambitions, having fun, making the most of life etc)

10) The glass can be half full or half empty, but let’s be clear, you decide which it is

11) Doing something for yourself isn’t necessarily selfish

12) Doing something for someone else isn’t necessarily selfless

13) Breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal of the day

14) There are no limits and boards don’t hit back! Well, I’m not about to argue with Bruce!