Conquer Your Fear

“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out”
Karl Menninger

We grow through the mistakes we make in life as well as through our achievements.  Mistakes made often drive us to new levels of learning and/or understanding.  If that’s the case maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes in the first place.

None of us have crystal balls but if we don’t take the plunge occasionally and face some of our fears, in some small way, there’s no way of knowing where life may lead us and how much we might be able achieve and experience.

So how do we ensure fear doesn’t get in our way?

1) Identify & Face It

Rather than burying fear away acknowledge and identify it.  No one is immune to feeling fear on occasion some just know how to harness and use it.   Rather than letting it hinder them these individuals face fear and even use it as fuel.  Choose to be one of this rare breed.

2) Make Your Mistakes

Fear of making mistakes will stop you doing just about anything if you let it.  You don’t need to be reckless but you do need to be open to and unafraid of making mistakes to make any significant and positive changes in your life.

3) Grow

Embrace your mistakes as a chance to learn new lessons and improve.  Conquer and master your fears and ensure they do not become your master.  Learn, grow and become the best version of you you can be.