Kill Your Inner Critic & Take Action Anyway!

Do you have an inner critic that’s stopping you doing the things you really want to in life?

Inner resistance can stop many of us making positive changes in our lives or taking on new and exciting challenges.  To ensure you’re not guilty of tripping yourself up try a mix of the following:

1)     Stop Being a Perfectionist

“You’re not good enough!  Others are better!  Others will laugh at you!  Others will not understand!  You’ll stand out!”

Sound familiar?  Your inner critic is relentless in his quest to dent your confidence and keep you where he wants you, doing the same old things the same old way.

The truth, you’ll never be perfect.  No one ever is or can be so why put unnecessary pressure on yourself by trying to be?  Forget trying to be perfect and just concentrate on being the best version of you.


2)     Stop Waiting for the Perfect Moment

“It’s not the right time!  Next week/month/year will be better!”  

The truth, the perfect moment is unlikely to come if wait for it.  However, take action and you might make your own perfect moment.


3)     Turn Down the Volume

We’re unlikely to completely get rid of our inner critic.  Occasionally they can even have their uses.  You may be able to send him packing for a holiday occasionally but you can be sure he’ll be back.  However, we can certainly learn to turn the volume down when he voices his opinions.

Don’t underestimate the power of your inner critic.  If you give them the room to grow they’ll stop you doing just about anything in life.  However, learn to harness your inner critic, turn the volume down on them and/or ignore them and take action anyway and great things can happen.