“Do nothing which is of no use”.
Miyamoto Musashi

What is Frictionless Living all about?

We all encounter friction in our lives.  Things that get in the way of what we’d really rather be doing with our time.  Things  that we wish we could either get rid of completely or simplify to ensure our lives become as friction free as possible.

Frictionless Living is dedicated to identifying and recognising how we can all embrace a little simplicity and creative thinking to make life richer, more rewarding and definitely more friction-free.  We’ll cover many topics along the way including:

  • Simplicity and How it can Enrich our lives
  • How Less Really Can Mean More
  • Conventional Wisdom and Why it Doesn’t Always Make Sense
  • Fitness & Health – The Frictionless Way
  • 80/20 and Pareto Inspired Thinking

At the heart of it all will be the constant quest to cut out that which does not matter so we can make space for those things that do matter to us in our lives whatever that may be.

Also, I realise in this information age you all have more than enough to read and deal with in your daily lives so in fitting with the spirit of the site all posts will be fairly short and simple in nature (at least that’s the aim!).  Visuals and visible comments are kept to a minimum to ensure  the site remains clean and easy to navigate.

It is my hope to create something on this site that will be of value to you in your own lives and journeys.




* Credit

Credit where credit is due, the name of this site was inspired by a Leo Babauta post.  Leo’s work has had a big impact on me and I’m sure it will on you if you check out his massively popular  http://zenhabits.net/.