Your Body – The Ultimate Gym

Somewhere along the way we’ve gotten away from how simple strength and fitness training can be.  While new technology is certainly not without its benefits in many cases it doesn’t always help in our quest to get stronger or fitter.  You already have all you need to get strong, your own body.

Golden Era Muscle & Might

Old time and pre-steroid strongmen knew the value of gymnastic and calisthenic type movements and got very strong in them (as well as training with weights).  These guys knew that with chins and dips alone you could work the entire upper body and work it hard.

Bodyweight Benefits

So why should we work on bodyweight moves?

1)     It’s Portable

You always have your body with you and you don’t need a membership to use it and can use it whenever you like.

2)     Easier On Joints

Heavy weights can take a toll on your body.  While you shouldn’t abuse any training, bodyweight work can be easier on your joints and make recovery easier while still providing an effective load to work against.

3)     It’s Functional

Functional is an overused and abused phrase in the world of fitness no doubt but what could be more functional than being able to handle your own bodyweight?

4)     It’s Fun

Moving your body through space just feels good and can be fun (as well as hard work).

 5)     You’re Limited Only By Your Imagination

Think you’ve progressed beyond bodyweight moves?  Well, if elite level gymnasts can still get a great workout and training effect using their bodyweight alone, what makes you think you cannot?

Maybe it’s time to revisit the concept that your own weight can be enough.